Team Marshmallow

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Team Marshmallow (Or TeaM) Home page. Welcome!

Of course since this is a Super new website, It wont really have much to offer at the moment.

And Unfortunately there wont really be much recognition for this to get anywhere near noticed to host a poll on if I should release beta tests of the current projects I'm working on.

Games I've created will be provided here for enjoyment of others, But the releasing even One will take time, I would like to make sure it's enjoyable for someone to even bother trying it!

I'm currently working on A.I Development for the use in some games. And the closest to a finished project is only about 10-20% done!

Here's a list of whats soon to come.

(1) - A Block In Limbo

(2) - 8-Bit Shooter

(3) - Tiny Planets

(4) - When They Walk

(5) - " Zombay Bitches! "  (this is only a temporary name, But Im sure you can probably tell what it's about)

I -think- this is just about all I have so far. There may be more under the rubble cluttered in my files.

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