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Exciting news!

Posted by Mr.Marshmallow on May 11, 2013 at 11:10 AM

We're getting a hold of an OculusRift toolkit!

No, we don't own it, But I'm proud to say we will contribute a level/scene and tested using the OculusRift VR Headset!

We're running on a clock though, But we Hope to put something nice together! To think, just a couple days ago I've talked to my friend about how much we wish we could be in Virtual Reality, and now here we are doing this! Stick around a few, visit the Screenshots to view our progress and layout, Or just poke around our site, we dont mind!

As always our infant site is just beggining, we hope to have members and an Active community that we can do this for! We have our due date by Friday next week. We will also be going through phases in our development of this level.

1) First we will create a miniature lay-out, blocky and small to only get an idea of how it should turn out.

2) We should have a 2nd lay-out, to a more detailed somewhat playable stage.

3) We'll polish up and dust the cobwebs of our last lay-out and create a neat stage

4) We will have added multiple effects and details, all sorts of things, such as ambient sounds, and Animated objects

We hope to have this be much more than just Eye-Candy, and as always--

Stay Puft.

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